Boybands rules the airwaves, the Canadian dollar languished 68 cents American and Oprah’s Book Club had not yet begun exerting its stranglehold on North Americas’s literary mindset. It was the summer of ’96 when Wayne Reid bought his first real 4 string. But something even more important was happening. Lambton county’s Wayne Reid and Kevin Duncan, along with Mark Van Klavern and Kevin Fex, had started something. Something that they could not have known the long term consequences of.

They had created a lumbering juggernaut of rock n roll. It’s name… rumblefish.

 For the very first time on a weekend in June of 1996, rumblefish unleashed its rock n roll fury on the patrons of a bar called “The Old Pumphouse” in Petrolia, Ontario.By the end of 96′, Enter Tony Zangoli on the drum throne. This is how the line up remained until 1999.

In 99′, the line up became a 5 piece, consisting of Wayne Reid and Kevin Duncan, with the addition of Jason Ross on vocals, Nic Swales on guitar and vocals and Derek Webster on the tubs.

In 2003, Jason left the band and was replaced with Adam Coe, who shared duties of guitar and singing with Nic and Kevin.

In 2004, Nic and Derek were moving on and the band was back to a 4 piece, with Ryan Whittle on the drums.

In 2005, Derek rejoined the fish for drum duties, but Adam was now moving on. Enter Matt Johns fronting the band.

In 2009, Derek duties were again taken over temporarily by Ryan Whittle until a permanent replacement was found.

Jan. 2010, Enter Todd Pires… and this is how it remained until  the end of 2014.

In Nov. 2014, Kevin Duncan made the decision to call it quits after 19 years with rumblefish, leaving Wayne as the only original member.

In Jan. 2015, the addition of Julius Sneider on guitar and vocals completed the line up …and this is what rumblefish looks and sounds like as we push through into 2019.

Thousands of gigs, many alumni and a solid following of party people, rumblefish continues to bring an eclectic collection of popular music best described as ” something in short supply” to the good people of Southwestern Ontario.

Whether it’s playing in the corner of a tiny ex-doughnut shop or the larger confines of an outdoor Ribfest stage, the rumblefish boys are widely known for delivering a quality performance and dashing good looks, weekend in and weekend out.

And that’s the story so far…. the old train keeps on movin.